About Peter Nixon CA, FCPA

Peter Nixon is an international speaker, trainer, advisor and coach to leaders in business, government, NGO’s, schools and universities around the world.

Peter Nixon’s latest book Dialogue Gap is rated “one of the best business books published this century” (SCMP).  Peter discovered Dialogue Gap while sharing best practices from his earlier book Negotiation Mastering Business in Asia (both published by John Wiley & Sons) speaking, training, consulting and coaching thousands of leaders in over 50 countries during the last ten years.

Following an international audit career with PwC legacy firm Coopers & Lybrand, Peter has spent the last decade helping senior leaders of MNC’s, global firms, local, state and national governments, charities and NGO’s achieve optimal outcomes through dialogue and negotiation.  Improved outcomes include increased revenues, lower costs, improved profits, governance, talent management, service, strategy and effectiveness.

Peter has created many practical tools, methodologies and approaches to enable and inspire leaders to achieve the optimal outcomes.  Simply put Peter helps leaders focus on the key dialogues that matter and then helps them assemble the key stakeholders to discuss the priority issues, in the right way, at the right time, and in the right space.  In recognition of his value Peter has been named to half a dozen boards in both Canada and Hong Kong.

Born and raised in Montreal, Peter transferred to Geneva prior to moving to Hong Kong in 1989.  Peter’s mantra, The Solution is in the Dialogue©, has become a constant refrain with his clients.  Peter’s live sessions are often rated as the best people have ever attended.

Peter has collected various academic recognitions from Bishop’s, McGill, U of A, Leicester, Harvard and INSEAD.  He is currently a showcase speaker for WPO-YPO and also speaks to audiences from EO, HKU/LBS/Columbia Global MBA-EMBA, McGill University, Royal Roads, Singapore Institute of Management, HK Management Association and Razak School of Government.

When not busy with clients and research Peter enjoys family and community endeavours in the rural settings of Discovery Bay (Hong Kong), Mt. Tremblant, and Lac Des Iles (Quebec).

Contact Details:  Linked In, Facebook, Twitter; Office +852-2987-2433, Web: www.PotentialDialogue.com; Email: Peter.Nixon@PotentialDialogue.com

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