Potential Dialogue & Potential Network

Potential Dialogue (Potential Ltd) is Peter Nixon’s service business from which he advises clients globally and develops solutions for rollout through the Potential Network.

Potential Network Ltd. is the network of present, emerging and retired dialogue leaders (some of whom are certified and licensed by Potential Ltd) who leverage Potential’s Dialogue Suite to achieve optimal outcomes at work, at home and in society.

Potential’s Dialogue Suite includes four key modules which can be tailored and combined to create coaching, advisory and training solutions for any size audience.  The four modules include: The Star Negotiator Workshop, The Dialogue Leadership Workshop, The Dialogic Sales, Service & Sourcing Workshop and The Conflict & Emotional Dialogues Workshop.

If you are interested in joining or forming a Dialogue Community of Practice in your community or organization or if you wish to become certified or licensed to use some or all of Potential’s Dialogue Suite, please contact us at Dialogue@PotentialDialogue.com.

Challenged in some way?  The solution is in the dialogue.

Peter Nixon